Chantelle and Thomas got hitched on the eighteenth of September
with both the wedding service and the wedding after-party occurring at the La Mon Hotel and Country Club in Castlereagh. As we have referenced here oftentimes previously on our blog, we got hitched at the La Mon Hotel ourselves so it is consistently a setting we anticipate returning as well. Chantelle and Thomas needed a fun laid back wedding day without the problems of agonizing over going around on the day. Thus, to make things simpler still Chantelle and her bridesmaids remained at La Mon Hotel the night prior to the wedding and prepared there on the morning off. wedding photographer Northern Ireland The young ladies were all in incredible structure right when we showed up and loads of snickers were had the entire morning. Chantelle let us know that the wedding guidance on our blog truly assisted her with her wedding arranging excursion and she picked heaps of tips for her own wedding here. When the young ladies were almost prepared, we nipped down the stairs to say a speedy hi to Thomas when he showed up. While Chantelle hadn't gave any indications of wedding day nerves the entire morning helpless Thomas looked totally shell stunned. In spite of the fact that we have seen a ton, that lucky men will in general be more anxious on the wedding morning than ladies, so this didn't actually come as a shock. La Mon Wedding Photos Chantelle and Thomas selected to have a humanist wedding service which was performed by Stewart Holden who consistently works effectively of sharing drawing in tales about the couple so there was a lot of snickers and passionate minutes all through. After the function we had a smidgen of alone time with Chantelle and Thomas who were both outright whizzes even in the high sun which implied us chasing after better lighting around the grounds at the scene. After that we snatched some photographs with the wedding party and some photographs of the folks with their loved ones. Chantelle had everything arranged impeccably so they actually had a lot of relax time prior to heading back inside for the talks. La Mon Wedding Photography After supper we got one more opportunity to have a tad of alone time with Chantelle and Thomas and keeping in mind that strolling around the grounds at La Mon we showed them our very own couple wedding photos that had been taken there. Chantelle and Thomas demanded reproducing one of them which had us all in attacks of chuckling. On the off chance that you are pondering which one it was, it is the last photograph displayed here before we headed back inside.   We initially met Bethany and Andrew when we captured their commitment meeting at Sir. Thomas and Lady Dixon Park in Belfast some time back. We realized we were in for an extraordinary day as Bethany and Andrew are a stunning, cordial couple. Bethany is a photographic artist herself and it's consistently great for us when our couples are so contributed and amped up for us being their Northern Ireland wedding picture takers. Bethany prepared from her Mum and Dad's home in Dundonald, so we got together with her and the remainder of the young ladies there on the morning of the wedding.

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