The previous boss was then posed an inquiry about the organization’s
dynamic and in case there is plausible that he will be included. "Indeed, it is," Nurmagomedov said. "We examined this point a great deal with Dana White in our gatherings. I see extraordinary possibilities for UFC. They went to IPO and they have extremely extraordinary possibilities." Khabib said. "I don't care for gifts. We can say that I purchased the UFC stock. This will be valid." Saidyokub Kakhramonov submits Trevin Jones late at UFC on ESPN 29 By Brady Briggs 3 hours prior Testogen before and after results Saidyokub Kakhramonov is as promising of a youthful possibility as we have in the game today, and he showed that this evening at UFC on ESPN 29 with his triumph over Trevin Jones. Jones is a significant promising ability himself, having gone 1-0 (1 NC) hitherto into his UFC vocation. First he appeared in the advancement with a record of 12-6, going toward the 16-2 Timur Valiev. Jones took him out in the second round, yet the outcome was upset to a no challenge, as he tried positive for cannabis after the battle. Next came a session against Mario Bautista, who's shown a decent measure of guarantee himself. Jones likewise took Bautista out, additionally in cycle two. That carried us to his next session, where he confronted 8-2 debutante Saidyokub Kakhramonov. This was a particularly extraordinary battle. Almost immediately we saw Kakhramonov's striking, just as his predominant hooking. His head kicks appeared to be so smooth and easy, while conveying a great deal of weight, and his punches likewise had some force behind them. He got Jones in a guillotine gag ahead of schedule in the round, and it was unquestionably near being over at that moment. Nonetheless, Jones endure and was in the long run out of the stifle, however he wasn't out of risk. Jones was all the while being outmatched, however he was setting up a battle, tossing his hefty hands consequently. Cycle two was business as usual, with Kakhramonov being amazingly viable with his striking. Then, at that point in the wake of winning most of cycle three, he secures another guillotine stifle, just Jones couldn't escape this one. He was stifled oblivious with only 21 seconds left on the clock. Jones has endured his first loss inside the octagon, and we have another interesting face to add to the totally stacked bantamweight division.  

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